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 Energy Rebates

Heat Pumps


Receive up to $5000 in Government Rebates on qualified Trane and Carrier heat pump systems

Up to $5,000 toward the implementation of eligible retrofits done after December 1, 2020.

Terms & Conditions

  • To be eligible for this offer, a customer:
  • must register on the Greener Homes Grant portal prior to work being completed
  • must complete an EnerGuide home evaluation by a registered energy auditor
  • must provide proof of ownership and demonstrate that the home they are registering is their primary residence

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps pump heat from one location to another location within your home to keep you warmer during wintertime. However, a heat pump or mini split can also cool your home in the summertime by using a reversing valve and heat exchanger that pushes heat out.

Lancaster Heating and Cooling installs energy-efficient Trane hybrid heat pumps.

Hybrid Heat Pumps

Far more efficient than conventional heating systems, a hybrid heat pump system automatically reacts to the changes in the outdoor temperature and adjusts the indoor temperature by activating whichever heating/cooling system will bring your home to the desired temperature most efficiently.

During mild weather, a dual heat pump system transfers heat from the outside air rather than creating it. When temperatures get colder, the system creates heat but does so far more efficiently than a traditional furnace. In times of extreme cold, your furnace steps in and helps get your home to the desired temperature.

Except for periods of extreme cold or warmth, a hybrid heat system can rely almost entirely on heat pumps.

Ontario Government Energy Rebates for Heat Pumps

Changing your heating and cooling system with a new heat pump and hybrid heating system could qualify you for Ontario Government Energy Rebates.

If you are interested in learning how to lower your energy consumption costs through a heat pump and a hybrid heating system and take advantage of rebates, contact us today: 905 388 3333.

Trane XR-15 heat pump

Trane XR-15 heat pump

Carrier Comfort 14 heat pump

Carrier Comfort 14 heat pump