COVID 19 Safety

Air Duct Cleaning

The Lancaster System of Duct Cleaning is a more comprehensive way to maintain the highest level of indoor air quality (IAQ) in your family home. The Lancaster System cleans the air and improves the homes indoor air quality, along with the thorough cleaning and sanitation of your duct-work.

The Lancaster System Includes:

  1. Installation of an IAQ Scrubber to control and reduce all particulate contamination(dust);
  2. With the Cyclonic Storm Tech 2100 Vacuum truck, we clean all components of the HVAC and duct network;
  3. Hand cleaning and sanitizing of all registers with Benefect, which is approved by Health Canada and is an all Botanical product, we use no chemicals in our cleaning system;
  4. Sanitizing of all the duct interiors using Benefect.